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The 4th KnockOut Race hosted by TM Masters was played last Saturday, and remarkably ro Acer | Royal was able to win again, making it twice in a row! 

He defeated his team-mate se Acer | frostBeule in the last round, which means frostBeule is still 1st overall as he has a slightly better average finish than Royal. But with only 2 more races to go and with your 4 best results counting into the total, it's bound to be a thriller between these 2 players as no one else is close to them in the rankings.

The 5th race is still not decided when it will take place, as TmT decided to have a 1 week break and still haven't released the semi-final maps. It's possible we might see a break for the KnockOut Race this week, but nothing is finalized yet. But if it will happen, it's going to be as usual at Saturday 19:00 CET.

Update: TM Masters has now confirmed the next race will be this upcoming Saturday, and the TmT semi-final maps will be released for the race, meaning the maps will be unknown for everyone making it sort of like another True Talent Cup.


VODs by de Stubby TVse Acer | frostBeule and nl Acer | Tamarillo are available:

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