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Have you ever wondered what TrackMania would look like without rammsteins ?

Well the Nascar Racing Team is bringing you the answer by releasing today a new Title Pack with new blocs and no rammsteins !!

NRT Statement

"The ManiaPlanet Title SRE is finally ‪#‎Ready4Racing‬

The TM² Stadium look and feel is still there, though the borders (<=> „Rammstein“) are gone. In result racing on SRE feels different, as the usable road got slightly wider. You can go now from wall to wall without getting airborne.

The width from wall to wall is unchanged, also our „blocks“ (correctly: items) can be combined with all Nadeo's blocks.

There are also some additional blocks, like half banked turns and smoother transitions, all in the classical Stadium style.

Give it a try at the NRL Nascar SRE 60k server! Already more than 70 tracks are waiting for you!

And yes, the Nascar Racing League NRL 2014 will be also on SRE.

Last but not least: Thank You Nadeo for these great possibilities ! It has just begun."


SRE support Forum for racers, track builders, server admins and any of your questions, MP Title install instructions in English, French and German
Latest version of SRE
Direct link to the first SRE server NRL Nascar SRE 60k

How to install by znik

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#1 by znik on 2014-02-02 at 13:26
I was always curious to how stadium blocks would be without our so often beloved ramstein removed, so thanks to the creators of this titlepack! Even though it is optimized for Nascar in the first place, I think this could be used positively in competition maps for both tech and speed as well. After testing the editor, there was some glitches when trying to connect some of the blocks also with the original blocks. As far as I know this is a work in progress and hopefully we will see more optimizations and improvements very soon!
#2 by shortz on 2014-02-02 at 15:24
also made a small preview abou this titlepack:
#3 by znik on 2014-02-02 at 17:58
Another preview with commentary, also checking out the editor building a tech track (finally I was able to upload this from twitch....)

#4 by Some0ne on 2014-02-02 at 19:48
Thanks for the support guys :)

Every suggestion is welcome and will be taken into account so don't hesitate to post on our forum (link in the News Tool) so we can improve it and try to create something that fits the community needs more :)

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