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One year after the first edition, the thirds 24H of Dirt, organized by Team fr Infinity, were played this last week-end.

A rite for many players, a discover for others

Many teams were created for this evenement like the previous ones, mix of players from different teams and countries, it's also that which make the particularity of the 24H. This 3rd edition was a great race like the two firsts ones : a good battle for the final victory and podium, and some nice fights in the whole rank. At the middle of the race (3am), there were only 28cps to separate the two firsts teams fr Dream Team and europeanunion UnDfr Spam were 70cps behind. After the middle of the race, Spam started their comeback and caught up UnD during the rest of night, to be second with 15 cps behind Dream Team and 50cps of gap with UnD at the end. Awesome performance ! Dream Team managed their race from the begining to end with strategy and nice relays. It was also nice to see some battles until the end like Fusion.two (20.489) and Fusion.one (20.487), RC (21.447) and APM (21.443) or Tts1 (20.147) and SnP (20.145).

Some players tried again to play these 24H alone, and the finale solo rank was exactly the same of the second edition : Victory of fr Linky ahead fr Elfoune and fr ZeWhite.

Perhaps a new rank for the next edition ...

We have seen several players from an other style for this edition ... It's the presence of some girl players, Mali, Apolline, Bella, OwFée, Kaa, Giggles, Crevette, .. ! Infinity's staff will discuss about a "Girl Rank" for the next edition. I saw too a little discussion between some girlz about the probability of a Girly LU for the 4th Dirt 24H. We'll see !

General Ranking

  1. gold Dream Team : fr Bepino.Jr - fr Nico - fr Devil - fr Néo - fr Gulboy -  (22.323 cps - 603 laps)
  2. silver Team Spam : fr Benji - fr Guileboom - fr DumDum (22.308 cps - 602 laps)
  3. bronze UnD : se Duffarn - nz Pampa - se Wheeler - se Gswe81 - nl Fool (22.258 cps - 601 laps)

Whole Ranking HERE

Solo Ranking

  1. gold Team Tout Seul² : fr Linky - (21.212 cps - 573 laps)
  2. silver Team Tout Seul : fr Elfoune - (20.147 cps - 544 laps)
  3. bronze Speed : fr ZeWhite - (15.684 - 423 laps)

Whole Ranking HERE


See you in April 2014 for the 4th edition of the Dirt 24 Hours !

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