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Welcome on ManiaActu: ManiaPlanet Community & eSport News !


Feel free to MP any of us if you have anything to ask or say.

Mania-Actu is :

  • Jonthekiller (Head Admin, Developer, Maniplanet Newser, Tournaments Admin )
  • Sky (Designer, Photograph, Videomaker, Maniaplanet Newser, Tournaments Admin)
  • The MP Community (Maniaplanet Newser, The reason we exist)

Past members :

  • Boobisis (Past Head Admin)
  • Freak (Past developer)
  • Infarctus (Education, Recruitment, Maniaplanet Newser, Coverage)
  • Fabien (Maniaplanet Newser, Coverage, Developer )
  • Aura (Maniaplanet Newer, Streamer, Coverage)
  • FrostBeule (TMNF Newser)
  • All the past newsers (You are too many that helped us to be named!)

Thanks dudes for your past work, you are missed.