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About us

Mania-Actu is a website about newsing, tournament organizing, tournaments covering on all the Maniaplanet games from the NADEO development Studio.

The beginning :

This adventure started in 2008 with the gathering of some players of TMUF and TMNF that wanted to share their will to make a great newsing website. One the United side, there was the Infarctus/Ecto/Droux crew that were working on TM-news, and on the other side Boubisis/Freak/Frambe that were working on a great project : TM-Actu was born!

We worked hard during 3 years on these both awesome games that were TMUF and TMNF. At the arrival of Maniaplanet, we decided to update the website and decided to follow every NADEO games (Shootmania, Questmania) to grow more and more the experience and purpose to the Community the most complete website.

Mania-Actu :

We opened Mania-Actu in 2012 after some long hard work months. Boubisis quited the adventure and gave the throne to Jonthekiller that was skilled in many domains (developing, community, tournament admin) Since then, we try to do our best to share the more informations and news we have.

Drakonia :

After the opening of Mania-Actu, we and the Drakonia association gathered to increase the experience, and bounded  two teams that were workig together since ages.