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The second round of the tournament was driven 3.11, Sunday as usual. After the first week, team Dunno was leading, followed by Ghost as second and LAW a bit behind.



Bay: Balkan Funk by Axatar
Desert: Nazgrim by Kyo
Island: Find ExtraTerrestrials by rom42




The bay map was really fast as Axatar's maps happen to be. Sandder from team UH had got his new joystick, which was great to him as this map is such hard with a keyboard. He managed to win the map on server 1 by finishing the map with a time of 21.58.52. The second best time 22:10.43 on this map was set by Lolomax on server 3, but Dengel from MLOL was just less than a second behind him there. The overall fastest time on the map was set by the creator itself, Axatar (Ghost), who drove it in 53.51 seconds. Lolomax's lap record was only 0.02 seconds behind him though. Axatar's race started with a bad first lap, but soon he managed to get 5th and started to overtake others, finally getting the seconds slot on his server, and 6th overall. Also, Axatar managed to win Lukas from BBoD only with about 0.5 seconds in total rankings, proofing that each second costs. Another exciting fight was held on server 2, where Duck from LAW, SmartDriver from team pls and MGM from Dunno2 had a funny last lap fight with a lot crashes. In the end, SmartDriver managed to get the 8th place of the server about 20 seconds behind wormi as 7th, MGM just a couple of seconds behind and Duck as 10th of the server. 

With Zepset winning his server, Axatar's Ghost managed to win this map with 172 points in total. Team 37 with Lolomax and Cibermix was second just one points behind. UH with Sandder and looz driving with a wheel got third with 162 points. MLOL with Dengel and spedzo was 4th, Team URMOM with Zooz and Tunga was 5th, and Dunno 6th with pranksta and Marius 89. Some teams like SAAB had just only player driving, so their point catch was low.


Also this map was something that we can except from the author: a slow and flowy map with a lot variety. We had such a clear top 3 on total times here: Lolomax from team 37 was first with a time of 23:32.43. He also did the best lap with 57.99. On the other server Red Shreder representing Ghost got second overall 10 seconds behind. Lolomax's teammate Cibermix was another 10 seconds behind. Zooz from URMOM got fourth losing about 8 seconds to Cibermix. A tight fight was between places 9-14, where a bunch of drivers finished in 3 seconds. Marius 89 from Dunno finished them map in 24:17.78, followed by Antanas (Dunno2), Lolita (pls), Oxyde (CC), Tunga (URMOM) and finally radPL from team MCM as 14th, 3.21 seconds behind Marius. Zepset from Ghost was, however, very unlucky: he was just two checkpoints (~10 seconds) behind Red Shreder on lap 21, but suddenly dsiconnected, lost a lot time and lost about 90 seconds when coming back and driving the lap again.

In teams ranking, 37 with Lolomax and Cibermix was the winner of them map and now had 362 points after scroding 191 points from desert. The second place was gained by URMOM with 319 points. MCM with Jumperjack and radPL took the third place with their nice desert performance. JaketheCake and Lukas took their team BBoD to 4th slot, followed by MLOL that had Arkone and Phoenix driving. Dunno2 with Noni and Antanas got the 6th place overtaking for example the other Dunno squad. Unlucky Ghost dropped as 7th after succesfull bay map.


The speedy island map by Romain is such easy to drive without crashes, but to master it a lot risks with speed controlling needs to be taken. Master of that was Sandder (UH) who managed to win also this map in 20:20.97. Lolomax was second but lost almost 17 seconds to Sandder. Yannovsky from Ghost won his server and managed to get the third overall time, losing less than 0.4 seconds to Lolomax. Dengel from MLOL was fourth losing a few seconds to Yannovsky, and pranksta from Dunno needed 7 more seconds to finish gaining the 5th place. On server 2, behind Yannovsky, his teammate Axatar and Lolita from pls had a long fight who gets the second place of the server. On the last corner they were just 0.2 seconds from eachother. Both succeeded the corner well and Lolita finished just before Axatar and was 6th overall. The winner Sandder also got the best lap on island, with his 49.80 and was the only player to drive a sub-50 time in the match.

Team 37 continued in the lead having now 535 gathered from the match. Ghost made a nice comeback and took the second place with 484 points. Sandder and Forgot10's nice island play gave their team UH the 3rd place on island, 6th in total. Dunno with pranksta and Marius 80 did a nice comeback also, gaining the overall slot 4 of the evening. Overall the winner of the nigth was.



The overall leader is now team Ghost, who switched places with Dunno. Team 37 had a huge rise from 9th place to 3rd with their great performance today. Anoter big winner was team MLOL who took a place in top 10. Losers were rev and tarD-re: rev lost 4 places and tarD-re's 5th place was just a memory after the team dropped out of top 10.

Rememver to check also the Server 2 VOD.

Current top 10 after the first round are

Rank Team Total R1 R2 R3 R4 R5
1 Ghost| 976 492 484 0 0 0
2 Dunno 955 498 457 0 0 0
3 37 928 393 535 0 0 0
4 LAW 841 433 408 0 0 0
5 BBoD 839 412 427 0 0 0
6 UH 827 402 425 0 0 0
7 URMOM 825 394 431 0 0 0
8 яеѵ 806 424 382 0 0 0
9 pls 803 392 411 0 0 0
10 MLOL 780 304 476 0 0 0


See full standings here.

Also the next mappack is out with snow and coast maps! Click the link below to load it.

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#1 by Arkone on 2013-11-05 at 21:45
Nice job again. =)
#2 by rom42 on 2013-11-05 at 22:22
Indeed, gogogo Wormi we like to read you here :)
#3 by TnTYannovsky on 2013-11-06 at 00:06
Agree with previous comments, same with your VOD-Stream-live channel ; Keep it up Wormi, that's a pleasure !
#4 by Minato on 2013-11-06 at 01:54
tarD-re will be back on track next sunday! :D

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