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World Trial Club has prepared a fun TM ² Canyon event !
Friday, 1st November at 8.30 you are invited to a little WTFLOLCup which will be an introduction to the third edition of the Ultimate Playground.

The WTFLOLCup will start at 8.45 pm (CEST) on WTC Games server. There will about 10 maps and 20,000 planets to share.

Then you will be invited to switch to the WTC Event server to start the craziest Trackmania map
The Ultimate Playground 3 ends Saturday, November 16 at midnight. 100,000 planets are to share, as well as tags and other surprises: from Nadeo.

For more information about these two events, go to the competitions page in

You obviously need the Title Pack WTC to participate.

Ultimate playground 3 teaser:


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#1 by Minato on 2013-11-01 at 11:07
Announcement is a little late, isn't it? :P
#2 by Tipii on 2013-11-02 at 02:48
Nadeo's fault, it should have been announced ingame by them... :/
Anyway, ultimate playground 3 is for 15 days :p

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