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The ESL Dirty Night Cup#9 is over ! After an epic dirty evening, here the results.

A Dirt Night Cup « So Skilled »

This DNC#9 was probably one of the tighty Dirty Night Cups we have seen this year. 54 players registered, but it was the 32 firsts to do the check-in, who played. Always the same rules, cup-mode in 1v1v1v1, 80 points and 120 points in final. fr Kustick and fr Splash, winners of the three lasts DNCs, were a new fall in final, with their team-mate fr Koulis, but it's fr Bepino, the 4th qualified who won this cup. Splash is 2nd, Koulis 3rd and Kustick 4th. There were also great matchs is semi-finals (exemple), some players said that already in their first match, it looked like a final. You can see the full tree - Here -.


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