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The 6th and last race of TM Masters KnockOut Race took place last Saturday, which would decide who the overall winner would be (your 4 best results counted into a total ranking based on your average finish).

nl Acer | Tamarillo was able to win the last race ahead of cz BX3 Flyer and fr Fureur EpiK, but as this was only his 3rd race he finished at 69th place in total.

Instead it was se Acer | frostBeule who could secure the total victory with an average finish of 2,3ro Acer | Royal who had the chance to pass his team-mate with a top 3 result in the last race was not able to do so as he finished 23rd and ended up with an average finish of 3,3 at 2nd place.

Flyer, EpiK and at Acer | PokeR had a close battle for 3rd place, but with Flyer's 2nd place he secured the bronze medal with an average finish of 6,3.


gold ~ se Acer | frostBeule Avg finish: 2,3 (wins this t-shirt)
silver ~ ro Acer | Royal Avg finish: 3,3 (20 000 Coppers)
bronze ~ cz BX3 Flyer Avg finish: 6,3 (10 000 Coppers)


The full scoreboard can be found here


3 VODs are available of the last race:


It's still not known if TM Masters are planning another KnockOut Race series during ESL CPS that started last week. But another True Talent Cup (which also uses the KnockOut plugin) seems to be on the horizon, and more information about that should pop up soon.

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