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The third round of the tournament was driven 10.11. This time we had only two maps, snow and coast. After two first matches, we had team Ghost leading. Was it also after these maps, or did Dunno take their place back? Or did team 37 manage to get enugh points to overtake both? You will find it out soon!



Snow: Scala by Paradox
Coast: Meetings by Marius 89




The snow map with it's numerous corners to lose time was a real challenge to drivers. The winner was, once again, Sandder from team UH. With his time of 19:12.29, he managed to beat team 37's Lolomax with 3,64 seconds. Lolomax got the best lap, however, with his 47.37. Sandder was close with his 47.47 and also Zooz from URMOM who finished as fourth did the map in 47.49. Between Lolomax and Zooz there was Ghost's Yannovsky, who beated Zooz with about 3 seconds with his time 19:26.62. The tricky snow map presented numerous crashes behind the top, and even surprises were seen. For example Lolita from team pls drove worse than usual and finished the map almost 1,5 laps behind Lolomax, who won the server he played in.

After snow the best team of the day was 37 with Lolomax and Cibermix with their 169 points. Yannovsky and Zepset took their team Ghost for the second place, just 2 points behind team 37. URMOM was third about ten points behind with Zooz and Tunga. Between points 148 and 144 we had 5 teams: MCM, tarD-re, UH, NB and Dunno2. The 1st team of Dunno was just 9th, but everybody knew that they will make a comeback on coast.


And yes they did: driving on server 2 from which you can watch a VOD, team Dunno's Tona took first with 23:44.62. The creator of the map, Marius 89, secured the double victory by finishing just 3 seconds behind his teammate, Titi74 from team rev was third, 4 seconds behind Marius, and Red Shreder from Ghost took the fourth place 5 seconds behind Titi. Surprisingly we didn't see the coast-winner from round 1, Sandder, on this track. The famous jump before the finish was critical to some drivers: team MCM with radPL and JumperJack lost a couple of places by failing it during the last a couple of laps, but on the other side it helped wormi to make his comeback from server 2's 19th place as 10th. Tona drove the fastest kao time of 58.41.

What comes to teams it was clear that Dunno won the map with maximum points of 195. Team rev with Titi and zortx was second over 20 points behind, but it was a nice result to their badly started tournament. Ghost with Axatar and Red Shreder was third, while Darkhawk and Zooz drove URMOM as fourth.



Overall the best team of the night was after all Dunno due to their sick coast performance. Ghost was second and URMOM third. The biggest winner was probably URMOM, who overtook 4 other teams and is now 4th. Also team rev is now ranked 3 places higher than a week ago. Team pls had a weak week and they lost two places being now 11th.

Rememver to check also the Server 3 VOD.

Current top 10 after three rounds are is:

Rank Team Total R1 R2 R3 R4 R5
1 Ghost| 1305 492 484 329 0 0
2 Dunno 1287 498 457 332 0 0
3 37 1232 393 535 304 0 0
4 URMOM 1133 394 431 308 0 0
5 яеѵ 1112 424 382 306 0 0
6 LAW 1085 433 408 244 0 0
7 BBoD 1068 412 427 229 0 0
8 UH 1062 402 425 235 0 0
9 MLOL 1040 304 476 260 0 0
10 Dunno② 1037 374 394 269 0 0

See full standings here.

The next mappack contains bay. stadium and rally. Click the link below to load it, gogo!

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#1 by Tona on 2013-11-13 at 19:27
There is a mistake : "Red Shreder from Dunno". he is from Ghost :D

Great news, as usual !

#2 by Marius89 on 2013-11-13 at 19:51
well done! :)
#3 by wormi on 2013-11-13 at 20:59
Fixed the typo, thanks for notification :)

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