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Hiho Maniaplanet!

With a huge delay, we proudly present our next edition of the BVOTM! This one will be a bit quicker, due to the lack of time and due to the lack of actual videos in the submissions list. You are here for the videos anyway! 

Results here.

Check out last month's edition here!


TOP 5 Trackmania

#1 - Darkpuddle - Lamborghini Veneno Showcase

Really well edited presentation of the by now really well known new skin by Yatsu!


#2 - Danixks - Team Oreca ~ 1 Year of Furiousness

Cool team presentation video with pro cameras.


#3 - Shortz - DBS Contest ~ Driving Competition Winners

Shortz back with a United video! Yes. United. Really funky feel throughout the video gives you a warm feeling and maybe makes you remember the good old times of your Trackmania experience.


#4 - Xenosis - Zalman+Cap ~ Thanks Bro

Xenosis back again with another cool video! Dem cameras :o


#5 - bOom - Quantum Fullspeed Montage

bOom with another pretty good edited video showing off some Fullspeed driving.


COMMUNITY WINNER - riolu! - Hidden Blocks Tutorial in TMUF

Pretty well done tutorial, both visually and easy, aswell as pretty useful!


TOP 3 Shootmania!


#1 - exR - sOon Fragmovie

Really really good fragmovie with awesome camera shots and music. Will for sure be remembered as a classic later.


#2 - Lavagnou - sOon Fragmovie [COMMUNITY WINNER]

Another sOon fragmovie!


#3 - Basbaas - "Flightboat" ~ A press nothing map

Always enjoyed trackmania PF's? This one is is cool too! A PN track in Shootmania by Bas!


More videos!!

Riolu - Hidden Blocks Tutorial
Darkpuddle - Shapes
killaprodtm - spring fever
MCYC - Oreca Skin Showcase
Scareface - Overedit with DvD
Duby - Dignitas Karjen ~ Remix
Edster - UF1R #7 Serres Autodromo, Greece
Flexsor - TMT ~ Back to zero
Nino - Nino in cuts and bugs
RoX - Team Acer on TMM tc14
Edster - Flyingdeers on his own map
Nene - Scream on bluebaguette

Hansen - Frag Contest February
n0face - Cyberia (Fragmovie)
Dimitri Deliere - aAa SM @ Cap Arena 2013 Fragmovie
algo.klaeriker - the fabolous world of Shootmania (Fragmovie)
Lars - Royal ~ Seventy Two


We hope you enjoyed the videos! See you next month, for the March edition!

Your mediaplanet team.

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#1 by dreammyw0w on 2014-03-19 at 15:39
some nice videos here! Wow :)
#2 by frostBeule on 2014-03-19 at 16:08
Good stuff!
#3 by Marius89 on 2014-04-10 at 08:31
go March videos?

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