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Six months after the release of the initial RPG TitlePack there is now an update available for it with lots of new features to explore: 

  • 5000+ new blocks
  • Custom lights and checkpoints
  • a big redesign of the menu
  • a MacroBlocks sharing page
  • 64x64 Stadium base

Get more information over on the RPG Blog: http://tm2rpg.blogspot.de/2014/05/new-things-to-explore-in-rpg-titlepack.html

One of the most interesting new features are the custom lights and checkpoints. For this a demonstration video has been created. Even if you are not interested in the RPG TitlePack it is definitely worth watching just to see what is now possible in MP3: 

You can get the TrackMania RPG Titlepack from the ingame store or from the Manialink "trackmaniarpg".

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