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Hey ho!

This edition of the BVOTM's will be a bit quicker than the previous ones. I don't have much time due to my internship right now, so I won't be able to sit 3 hours at once behind my PC and prepare the votings and so on. But this won't keep me from writing the BVOTM's! 

The next edition won't have public votes. 2 Reasons for that: 1. The amount of voters has decreased a lot (maybe it is the amount of  videos) and 2. As I said, preparing the votings just takes too much time for the moment.

Don't worry, we will bring back the votes as soon I have the time for that. For the moment, the process will work like that:

  • Submission thread does still exist: Submit your or other's videos there. It's really important since we will forget some videos if they are not searchable by entering "Trackmania" into youtube's search bar. If you want to be found without submitting here, simply insert #BVOTM into your video's title.
  • There will be an internal voting: Means, we at mediaplanet together prepare a TOP 10 of the videos in TM and a TOP 3 in SM (or TOP 5, it depends).

I guess that will be ok for now, since the acitivity dropped a bit recently anyways (summer time probably).

Enjoy this selection!

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#1 by Marius89 on 2014-07-03 at 12:33
Shall we post June videos here?

Then ofc this here:
Team Germany - Road to Victory
And others that I saw:
Nino in Extreme Ways 2
Norman @ UL11 Island maps

#2 by wormi on 2014-07-07 at 12:00
#3 by Cyril on 2014-07-07 at 16:35

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