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After more than two months of competition, the ESL Dirt PremierShips 3rd edition is over. Here are the different results!


About the general results, we'll start with europeanunion DDR Team who won the 2nd League with 13 points (4 victories, 1 draw, 0 defeat) and they are now automaticly switched on the Premier League for the next season. de Dore²Cuo team finished second of the 2nd League with 10 points (3 victories, 1 draw, 1 defeat) and won their qualification match versus fr Speed.Gaming, which qualified them for the Premier League too ! Finally fr Pulse.Gaming 2 finished 3rd of the league with 9 points (3 victories, 0 draw, 2 defeats).

​Podium 2nd league

  1. gold europeanunion DDR Team
  2. silver de Dore²Cuo
  3. bronze fr Pulse.Gaming 2


About the results of the Premier League, as you know it fr Pulse.Gaming finished first of the league with 13 points (4 victories, 1 draw, 1 defeat) ahead fr VirtReal with 13 points aswell (4 victories, 1 draw, 1 defeat), europeanunion TeaM-Fox completed the podium with 11 points (3 victories, 2 draws, 1 defeat). The last playoff's slot gone for europeanunion New World Team who finished 4th of the League with 10 points (3 victories, 1 draw, 2 defeats).

Podium 1st league

  1. gold fr Pulse.Gaming
  2. silver fr VirtReal
  3. bronze europeanunion TeaM-Fox


And to finish here are the playoff's results : the 1/4 of final's match was europeanunion New World Team versus europeanunion TeaM-Fox and it was won, without any difficulty, 6-0 by NWT which qualified them for the 1/2 final versus VR. Semi-Final match now, europeanunion New World Team, favorite before the war, lost against fr VirtReal 1-5, who shew us a great match! And for the final match which opposed fr VirtReal & fr Pulse.Gaming, it was a close match by the score : 1v1 & 5v5 won by Pulse, but 2v2 & 3v3 were won by VR. They had to do the decisive 5th map and it was fr VirtReal who managed to win it, closing the match and the competition with a 6-0 on this map.

ESL DPS'3 - Grand Final
fr Pulse.Gaming 3 - 5 fr VirtReal
ESL DPS'3 - Semi Final
fr VirtReal 5 - 1 europeanunion New World Team
ESL DPS'3 - Quarter of Final
europeanunion TeaM-Fox 0 - 6 europeanunion New World Team

VOD of the Grand Final by TmLive [FR]


Here it is for this 3rd season! GG for all the teams wich fight hard during these months of competition and we hope to see another season soon ! This is the general ranking of these DPS#3 !

  1. gold fr VirtReal
  2. silver fr Pulse.Gaming
  3. bronze europeanunion New World Team
  4. europeanunion TeaM-Fox
  5. europeanunion SawraQ
  6. europeanunion ATR Team
  7. fr Speed.Gaming
  8. hu oZone Team
  9. europeanunion DDR Team
  10. de Dore²Cuo
  11. fr Pulse.Gaming 2
  12. fr Grr! Team
  13. hu UFO Team
  14. fr xs'D Team
  15. fr Swat Team

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