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One week after the end of DPS#3, the europeanunion ESL TrackMania² Stadium| DIRT staff cameback with the 14th Dirty Night Cup !

A newest winner

On this Dirty Night Cup#14, 61 players registered and in only 1 minute, the 32 slots planned for this cup were full ! That was for sure one of the fastest check-in ever ahah! The mappack was a mix of several DPS#3 maps so, the players already knew them and it was a good choice to close the season and waiting the new one with UDT.

Two surpises ruled this DNC : The elimination of se Gswe81 in semi-final, who was a real favorite for the win , and the second surprise was the qualification of br Barros, a not really known player on the Dirt scene, for the final ! The four players qualified for the grand final never won any Dirty Night Cup, so we were sure to have a new winner this time! fr Yoshifr Boss.Wantedbr Barros and fr Néo fought hard during one hour and after a great performance, Boss.Wanted managed to win his first DNC ahead Néo, Yoshi completed the podium and Barros finished 4th.


[FR] VOD by TmLive

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