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The twelfth edition of the TM Masters' True Talent Cup had come to an end yesterday on september 4th. In this edition some big names played, such as nl Spam, no Bergie and at PokeR. This edition will be remembered as the 'Revii edition', as he created the maps. 

After it took a while before the tournament could finally start, because of problems with loading times on the server, it was cz Flyer who kept his head cool untill the end and could take home the win. In the final he was battling it out with Penta Sports' ch Tyler Brown, the Suisse player. It was Flyer who knew how to do the start well and immediately created a gap; a gap that he maintained over whole map. The third place went to de Shorty.

This was the eventual TOP 20:

  1. cz Flyer (BX3)
  2. ch Tyler Brown (Penta Sports)
  3. de Shorty (TrackManiaHeroesEurope)
  4. de DeviL (Euronics Gaming)
  5. gb Pac (Team Dignitas)
  6. cz Keanu (-)
  7. cz Skafiskafnjak (-)
  8. de Marius89 (-)
  9. be Scrapie (Penta Sports)
  10. fr AlexOoR (Team Q)
  11. de SPEED U NEED (Easy Killers)
  12. de Shortz (BX3)
  13. se Warlord (Team Q)
  14. nl Tamarillo (Euronics Gaming)
  15. de ReVoLuTioN (LeG)
  16. no Ragle (KnightX Gaming)
  17. de PcaMssCi (-)
  18. de eXte (-)
  19. pt SonicRacing (AGC)
  20. nl Wagentje (KnightX Gaming)

This was not all action by TM Masters, as tonight at 19h CEST there is the F1 Race. No registration is needed; hundred slots for all players and a total of 90 (!) laps. For more information, click on the link down below.

TrackMania Masters [Website] [Facebook]

The VOD's of the races can be found here:
gb Spam [TwitchTV
gb Tamarillo [TwitchTV] [YouTube]
gb Bergie [TwitchTV]
fr StubbyTV [TwitchTV]

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