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Giant Cup, which basically is the unofficial online world championship of Trackmania, is back! For the first time ever, the stadium version of this league is organized in TM2 Stadium, and therefore it's called as Stadium Giant Cup 1. The tournament wasn't organized last year, but now it's back again. Who will be the next champion, and write their names in the same list with frostBeule, ArtiShöw and Tamarillo?

Second qualification round was done last Sunday again. It was tight, as Massa and wh1sper both had same average, but Massa took the spot in playoffs due to better finishing position on one of the maps.


Here are all 32 players who made it through:
1. Kronos
2. znik
3. Tamarillo
4. PokeR
5. OmnipotZ
6. spam
7. Flyer
8. Royal
9. Scrapie
10. Snaky
11. Horeni
12. nevermind
13. Bergie
14. jeffrey
15. oNio
16. asserich
17. Koenz
18. beat
19. Leo
20. xxrider
21. Renew
22. DeviL
23. Oli
24. B1ts
25. Shorty
26. Beef
27. Banane
28. Sl3vin
29. Papou
30. Silver
31. Scary
32. Massa

However, as ET had to change the time of the playoffs, we sadly won't see at least Tamarillo and Banane in them due to other stuff planned for the new matchdate. Due to this it's sure that we will see a new champion this year, even though Tamarillo stated that he would have liked to be there defending his title.

Some VODs: spamTamarillo


With the new date the playoffs will be driven during September 20th and 21st. The mappack is about the posted this week.

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