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Hi all,
Well, it's not a dream, as you can well read, the DoS Endurance Edition VIII, which have been canceled one year ago, is being on project again.
After a long sleep, some personal difficulties, real life and so ..... I missed, we missed this wonderful evenment we could share together.
Now, it's being on again !
Share the info to your contacts !
Here is the DoS Endurance Forum's link  :
Soon will be written here the rules, the dates and all informations about the organization of the new, the next DoS Endurance Edition VIII !!
By the way, thanks to all for your messages from one year about this competition you wanted to find again .... it's on now folks !! Hope you'll have such pleasure than I to do and play it !!!
"DoS Endurance not Dead" !!
See you very soon, take care and Have Fun !  ;)


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#1 by Mig on 2015-02-15 at 20:06
DoS Endurance Edition VIII opens his doors ! Welcome to all !! REGISTRATION IS OPENED there :

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