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DnA are proud to announce the first Speed Fun Event who host by them!

The cup start 11th january and will finished 15th february! So 4th january i will tell you the pw! Every sunday at 20:00 will start the cup! every sunday one track will run in cup mode rounds 300points! when we have finalist in game so then stop all to run and we get the places! so 6tracks will gonna have so 6sundays!
The place points each track!
1) 12points
2) 10points
3) 8points
4) 6points
5) 5points
6) 4points
7) 3points
8) 2points
and etc 1points

in the last track last sunday the points will gonna be double!

To participate, create an account here 4th january last register!  http://dnaeventstm2.clanwebsite.com/

Every Sunday when one track finish in site i will tell the password for the Cup. so one week train day!
The server is locked
The respawn is active
Cuts dont allowed unless you stop the cup

Event price list when run all 6tracks final results from all maps:

1st. 20.000 coppers

2nd. 10.000 coppers

3rd. 5.000 coppers

4th. 2.000 coppers

5th - 6th. 1.500 coppers each

7th to 16th : 1000 coppers each

17th to 33th : 500 coppers each

and some gifts for the top3 from maniaplanet!

Have Fun All !

Best Regards DnA Team!

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