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Dave's 21' Cup is back!

hey there
I am thrilled to announce the second season of Dave's 21' Cup!

After a break of 3 months, Dave's 21' Cup is back!
The cup will come back in its old fashioned way but with a few changes which might improve your experience.
Season II will start on Friday the 6th of February 2015!


About the Cup:

  • The Races will be a shortened endurance race --> 21 minutes
  • There will be only 5 minutes of Warm-up before the race starts
  • The Laps will be around 1minute long
  • The Map style will be free to the Author, but they need to consist at least out of 3 Stadium Sub-Environments (Tech, Speed, Dirt, RPG).
  • Players will get points for beating their Opponents. For example: If you win the race and 30 Players have participated, you'll get 30 Points. See the Spreadsheet here:

  • There will be 10 Races in total with the first race default time at 20.00 CEST on Friday 06.02.2015
  • There are rewards for the Top 10 ranked players. 
  • The Rewards for the top 10 are the following: 1st 20$+2500 planets , 2nd 15$ + 2000 planets, 3rd 10$ + 1750 planets, 4th 5$ + 1500 planets, 5th 5$ + 1250 planets, 6th-10th 250-1000 planets

To know when the race starts, just follow my Stream on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/fadave93 
Or read my announcements on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dave21cup



  • First of all, there are now clear instructions on how to build the maps for the cup.

  • There is a little change in the point system. The mappers used to be disadvantaged on their maps because they were not allowed to drive the race. So I decided to use the following formula to give them a fair payment for their work:

    • Ø points of the finishing players + (total players finishing / 5).

    • This formula will provide the mappers a decent but not unfair placement. Example: 
      30 out of 55 players finish. 1st has 54 points 30th has 24 points. Ø is 39. Now we take the players finishing (30) and then divorce it by 5 (30/5) and we get 6 points. 39+6 = 45
      In this example, the mapper would have gained 45 points which equal to the 9th place.
      Note that this system also rewards the mapper when alot of players finish. So the mappers are now maybe more willing to build even better maps :)

  • Since I want to reward every player that is continuously participating in the cup, I decided to not make any other changes on the point system.


Dates / Starting time:

The race will usually start at 20:00 CET (UTC+1)
The server is found in Switzerland with the name "Dave's 21' Cup"
Otherwise, here is the direct link to the server: 

  • 06.02.15 First Race
  • 13.02.15
  • 20.02.15
  • 27.02.15
  • 06.03.15
  • 13.03.15
  • 20.03.15
  • 27.03.15
  • 03.04.15
  • 10.04.15 Last Race and Rewards


Submitting Maps

To make it easier to you,  what maps I would like to use in the cup, I provide you the following instructions:


  • The map length should be around 1 minute

  • The map should consist atleast out of 3 Stadium-Sub-Enviroments (Dirt, Speed, Tech, Rpg, Nascar)

  • The map must have a GPS near to the start ( It's not allowed to make a Startblock GPS)

  • Blockmixing should be used wisely (the blockmixing flickering hurts my eyes)

  • Scenery should be placed sparely, so don't spam it ( better performance --> less lags)

  • The map should be easy to learn but hard to master. This means that the basic concept of the map should be easy to see, and as streamlined as possible. 

It's not allowed to send the maps to an other person, unless this person is not competing in the race

Do NOT upload the map to Maniaexchange or some other platforms, since it needs to be fair for everyone


How do I send in the maps?

  • Send it as a private message to my facebookpage https://www.facebook.com/dave21cup
  • If you have any questions, ask them below in the comment section or on my facebookpage



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#1 by aerosol on 2015-01-09 at 19:40
It would be great if i can make a map for that...
But some questions:
1.) have you any sign for the track ingame (dave 21 logo)
2.) where i can send this track to you?
#2 by fadave93 on 2015-01-09 at 20:44
hey there

Just send them to the facebookpage as a private message ( www.facebook.com/dave21cup ).
I'll send the official images to you as soon as I have approved your map :)

#3 by aerosol on 2015-01-10 at 09:22
Cool thanks :)
#4 by aerosol on 2015-01-10 at 13:50
ehm and until when i need to send it?
#5 by fadave93 on 2015-01-10 at 14:44
There is actually no deadline.

The only thing like a deadline is, that I accept them until I have 10 suitable and optimized maps.
In season I I've had all the maps gathered at the 7th race.

I will announce on Facebook (maybe also on Mania-Actu) when I've got all the maps

Hope that answers your question :)

#6 by fadave93 on 2015-03-11 at 17:01
Maplimit reached

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