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Created in 2008, the old italian team called europeanunion Dirty Old School may comeback ! In fact, the team never died, but it's activity get worse and worse since the TrackMania² Stadium release 2 years ago.

This legend team, led by the famous and unshakable fr Mig (also known for the DoS Endurance cup) may be back thanks to several unexpected recruitments: The fr OhMyGod! line-up, created after the end of Subliminal project moves to Team DoS. Are the famous old DoS members ready for a new beginning ? Let's see and good luck on the newcoming events !

New Line-Up :

  • fr Ali.G
  • fr BossWanted
  • fr KevinStrike
  • fr Nix
  • fr Tichta
  • fr Yessay
  • ...


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#1 by Mig on 2015-06-11 at 12:51
So THANKS for this Tribute mate !!

Yes, DoS is back, the DoS Story continues, with some new members, other old DoS will be back, Sponge and Baretta are yet back ...
Other old DoS playing now in other teams stay our friends, our "Cheries" ... they have made grown up our family and they always stay in our heart.
When you've been DoS, you can't forget it ;)

We're yet active on servers, we'll prepare ourselves for Competitions before the end of the year ...

And soon, for July, we'll start again our lovely Public ranked Server : the DoS Diry Cross.

Thank you and See You ;) !!!

DoS Team

#2 by Mig on 2015-09-17 at 10:33
Well, at the middle of September, here is our situation for Starting again the DoS :

We share our 2 Publics Servers on game :
- our famous "DoS Dirty Cross", ranked server
- our "DoS Endurance Train", all public presenting all Endurance's maps ^^ (on 3 laps)

Our current DoS members are :

Ali G
.... (hope I forgot no one :) )

Our first objectives are strong anyway for beginning ! A nice DoS challenge !
As soon as composed, we're playing on the SLIP Competition with 2 lines-up :
For DoS 1, playing on "Elite", the objective is to have the best result on Competition ... as a good starting result to progress with time and with pilots.
For DoS², playing on "Fun", the objective is to build the line-up, to build our friendship, playing together and growing up the DoS identity in the group.

Our recruitment stays opened for now with our usual DoS rules, we may have soon new contacts, and maybe get back again some old veterans DoS back, why not ...

So, DoS is Here again !!
We are yet working hardly for getting back the DoS Team at his level
And by the way, SO THANKS to some others Dinosaurs Teams friends for their encouragments and nice messages ;) !! We love you too !

GO »ÐøS« !!!

I must give anyway a precision :
For no having stupid rumors or something else, you must know that DoS have always kept near and friendly contacts with old ones, or inactives ones.
Duffarn, Kikers, Vennike, Herbie, Kiffer, Yracer, .... and others stay as before our big friends, our "cheries" !
If they have chosen another story on TM, we wish them the best to have and to share !!
They know what DoS's spirit and valoures are, and what DoS is in their heart.
We respect that ! We won't harass them for their coming-back ... if one day an ex-DoS comes back to us, it would have been his own and free decision ^^

Mig (Propaganda Minister xD)
DoS Team

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