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For it's 16th edition, the fr Virtual-Lan will host another time a TrackMania² Stadium : DIRT tournament. The association askes your support and is looking for maps to create the VL#16 official mappack!

Mapping Rules

  • Before your map name: $o$s$fffVL$f00#$fff16 - "name_map" (You can change the color of the "#")
  • The map have to be exclusive (never used for any comp or any server).
  • The length have to be between 50s and 1:05min.
  • The map have to be respawnable from each CP.
  • Mod day or sunrise and only game signs allowed.
  • Create advertisments areas (copy/paste this url in the block :
  • Light block-mixing & Road (not so much please) allowed.
  • Be carreful with your scenary ! < 3200 planets.
  • Take time to work on the bugs, on the fluidity, the overall technic and the landings of your map.


The deadline to send your maps to this e-mail ( is Sunday March 13th 2016. The maps will be tested and sent back if you have something to change. About the final answer, it will be more or less later than a week. Go in the editor !

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