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Sunday, 18 December, 21:00

se.png Sweden vs fr.png France
Broadcast by :  
Scorpx (english)

fr.png France Line-up :

  • fr.pngAl-Kapone
  • fr.pngBaracuda
  • fr.pngBen*j
  • fr.pngBepino
  • fr.pngChuck
  • fr.pngdeviL
  • fr.pngFlorent
  • fr.pngGulboy
  • fr.pngManu
  • fr.pngNico
  • fr.pngPilou
  • fr.pngRed

se.png Sweden Line-up :

  • se.pngBirarri
  • se.pngDuffarN
  • se.png3inar
  • se.pngGoerdis
  • se.pngGswe81
  • se.pngLaiLai
  • se.pnglhotus
  • se.pngMalin
  • se.pngRejj
  • se.pngWheeler

Final Summary

1ST MAP : "My Style" by antearoa.

After a shaky start where se.pngSweden took the lead 2-0 on the first map, fr.pngFrance made a powerful comeback and won the next 5 rounds in a quick row. Map ending with a 5-2 result for fr.pngFrance.

2ND MAP : "Higher" by Chuck.

On the second map, fr.pngFrance kept their speed and continued to dominate the event by winning this map 5-1. Nice average times for Frenchies made it an easier 2nd map win.

3RD MAP : "Ex tempore" by wormi

se.pngSweden players were forced to win the third map if they have a shot at the title. No such luck was possible though, since fr.pngFrance kept the pressure up and set some amazing times. 5-1 for fr.pngFrance.

On last map, se.pngSweden players finished the match with style by setting a new dedimania 1 (se.pngDuffarn) and making the final result less rude for them (5-1).


9 - 16

Maps replays

THANK YOU to both teams for an awesome display of true Dirt skills yesterday!

fr.pngFrance was on fire, you truly deserved the title this year! Amazing play throughout the whole competition, crowned with a superb performance in the Grand Final! Big Gratz to the french team !

se.pngSweden did not succeed to defend their title. Despite having a really strong team who dominated in GroupStage and early PlayOff, fr.pngFrance proved too strong in the Grand Final. Big Gratz to se.pngSweden too, adding a Silver Tag to their prize collection.

hu.pngHungary completed the podium of this 2nd edition of Nations Dirt Cup. See you all in 2012 for a 3rd and epic NDC !!

Thanks to Deckard Cain, anubis, denebstar and Vill for having well administrated well this competition!

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