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Matthew "M1nuit" Stirling
Some say wormi lapped me on island.
> Personnal Information
Username M1nuit
Lastname Stirling
Firstname Matthew
Nationality United Kingdom
Age 22 years old
Registered since 2013-11-26

> Contact Information
Email matthewms50@gmail.com
Skype matthew.stirling971
WebSite mecteam.freeforums.org

> Hardware Configuration
Motherboard Gigabyte P55-UD4H
Processor Intel i5 650
Memory 4GB DDR3
Videocard 8600GT in SLI
Soundcard Dolby Digital On Board
Hard Drive 500GB WD Caviar Blue
Case Antec
Keyboard Razer Artcosa
Mouse Novelty OEM
GamePad Rumblepad 2 (cordless) / Thrustmaster 16000m
Headset Tritton Triggers
Monitor Samsung P2450h
Connection Virgin Media 120Mb Down 15Mb Up
Operating system Windows 7 Professional

> Favourites
Game Starwars Battlefront
Game Controller Logictech Rumble Pad 2
Map LE11 ~ Mr.Blue by Varsity
Player Lolita - he is so pro
Movie Harold and Kumar go to whitecastle
TV/Serie 2 and a Half Men
Book Stormbreaker(as a child)
Drink Irn-Bru
Food Doritos
Music Electronic
Car Lamborgini Gallardo LP560 In Lime Green
Sport Football

> Statistics
Number of Articles 6
Articles Comments 11
Photos Comments 0
Movies Comments 0
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