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Liam "wabbitface" Watson
I am the almighty powerful Wabbit that will rain a million rockets from above and snipe your head off from a 50m+ distance without hesitation. Beware of my deeply not so soothing voice as a cast hell upon you and laugh when you fail! I am also not funny.
> Personnal Information
Username wabbitface
Lastname Watson
Firstname Liam
Nationality United Kingdom
Age 30 years old
Registered since 2013-05-05

> Contact Information
IRC #paragon.esports
WebSite paragon-esports.com

> Hardware Configuration
Processor Intel Core i5-4570K @ 3.40GHz
Memory G.Skill TridentX 2400MHz (8GB x 2)
Videocard GTX 470
Hard Drive Samsung SSD 840 Series
Case BitFenix Raider
Keyboard Corsair k60
Mouse Corsair m60
Headset Sennheiser PC350 Gaming Headset
Monitor BenQ XL2411T @ 144Hz / 1ms
Connection D 60Mb \ U 20Mb
Operating system Windows 8 Pro, 64-bit

> Favourites
Game ShootMania
Game Controller
Map Starfish
Player Caspa
Movie The Avengers / Avatar
TV/Serie Doctor Who / Game of Thrones / One Piece
Book Not a book person ^^
Drink Monster - Original (Green)
Food Italian
Music Dance / Electronica / Bass
Artist Swedish House Mafia / Zedd
Car Lotus Elise
Sport Rugby / Snowboarding / RockClimbing

> Statistics
Number of Articles 0
Articles Comments 5
Photos Comments 0
Movies Comments 0
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> Description
A fairly decent Elite Player & leader, Head of Paragon eSports (Team / Community) and surprisingly a Scotsman that would say the words "Fuck where has that sod gone off tae?" as they run behind me!

Twitter: @SM_Wabbit
Stream: twitch.tv/wabbitface
Facebook: Paragon eSports
Website: paragon-esports.com