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The last weekend of FET8 groupstage followed by one week break before finals was driven once again on Sunday, starting 20.15. Today was the last change to fight for slot in top 12, as that's the number of teams going to the big grand final, while other teams will have their fun race in so called little final.



Desert: Cloudy by Red Shreder
Island: Minor Junkie by Arkone
Snow: Damoulous by Tona




The winner of this difficulty desert map full little tricks was team UH's Sandder with his time 21:59.77. For the first time in this FET, Tona from Dunno had really trained the maps and finished second, crossing the border of 22 minutes with 4.61 seconds. Once again also team Ghost was running good, and Zepset and Red Shreder finished 3rd and 4th, Zepset 3 seconds behind Tona and Red Shreder 11 seconds behind his teammate. Team 37's Lolomax and Cibermix took the next two places, Lolo with time 22:21.06 and Cibermix 2 seconds behind. A tight fight was between URMOM's Darkhawk and JaketheCake from BBoD, when JaketheCake had a time of 22:43.26 and Darkhawk finished just 0.13 seconds later. Darkhawk's team mate Tunga also had a fight, as the finished 0.14 seconds behind radPL from MCM. The fastest lap was driven by Tona and it was 54.03.

In teams ranking the winner was Ghost with 179 points. Team 37 was second with 170 points. Tona with Marius89 drove Dunno as third, just one point behind 37, while MLOL with Arkone and Phoenix was fourth. With Minato and cl_ment, tarD-re was 5th with 149 points, which kept their hopes to get into top 12 alive. Team LAW was really unlucky, as Garfield suffered a disconnection just a lap before finish, and lost a good result due to that. 


Arkone's fast map with a couple of chicanes tested the driver's nerves. Tona was a clear winner with a time 19:27.93, beating second finisher, Dengel from MLOL, with almost 20 seconds. Passi from tarD-re was third with 19:52.92. Cibermix (37), Axatar (Ghost), Arkone (MLOL) followed Passi, having a couple of seconds between eachother. BBoD's Lukas and Dunno's pranksta had a tight batle for 8th place, and on the finish lane Lukas won the battle with 0.29 seconds. Also behind the top the race was tight: for example team Mec's Minuit (who vinked me to tell you that I overtook him with a lap in the race with my 20:51.03) won Grr's Rude with only 0.14 seconds. The fastest lap was again driven by Tona with 47.54

The team of the map was Dunno with 180 points, thanks to Tona and pranksta both with good times. However, MLOL with Arkone and Dengel took MLOL into the second place just one point behind Dunno. Ghost's Axatar and Red Shreder were third with 164 points even though they had some controller problems on the map. Lolomax and Cibermix took 37 as fourth scoring 162, and one point behind them it was tarD-re having the 5th slot again. Team pls with Lolita and wormi pretty much secured their top 12 result with being 7th with 138 points on island.


Including a buggy jump, the snow map was an interesting playground for the last 24 laps of groupstage. Tona took another map win with 21:19.64, but this thime the fastest lap was driven by tarD-re's Passi, who become 5th on the map. UH's Sandder was second finshing 4 seconds behind Tona, while Lolomax from 37 was third about 8 seconds behind the Estonian. Only 0.05 seconds before Passi there was Yannovsky from Ghost, claiming the 4th place. Arkone continued MLOL's nice performance and was 6th about 2 seconds behind Passi and Yannovsky. Team pls's Lolita was a bit unlucky with his finish: he took a secure wide line in the last corner, but didn't notice that Mizy from Mec was very close to him due to a couple of really fast laps driven in the end, and the both got the same time of 21:58.77. Having a better lap times Mizu was the winner and got one point more than Lolita, but this didn't have any incluence to results, as pls continues to finals and Mec was 18th. 

The best team was again Dunno when pranksta and Tona scored 178 points. With 5 points less the second place was taken by 37 with Lolomax and Cibermix as usual. Ghost with Yannovsky and Axatar was third with 157 points, and UH scored 155 points with Sandder and Zell. And guess what? Team tarD-re was 5th with Passi and cl_ment. That wasn't enough to get into top 12 in overall rankings though.



The following teams will go to grand final:

Rank Team Total R1 R2 R3 R4 R5
1 Ghost| 2327 492 484 329 522 500
2 Dunno 2274 498 457 332 460 527
3 37 2225 393 535 304 488 505
4 MLOL 1970 304 476 260 439 491
5 UH 1949 402 425 235 452 435
6 URMOM 1938 394 431 308 413 392
7 яеѵ 1889 424 382 306 398 379
8 Dunno② 1836 374 394 269 416 383
9 BBoD 1830 412 427 229 361 401
10 pls 1822 392 411 230 398 391
11 MCM 1738 325 382 258 358 415
12 zero| 1648 311 347 250 369 37

See full final standings here.

TarD-re was close to get into the grand final after all: Zero won them just with 15 points. LAW lost a clear final spot when Garfield disconnected on desert and Mimich didn't drive the other maps fully. Also dac-SP was only about 50 points behind Zero, but other teams were quite far from top 12. Far from top, teams N1 and GB had a nice fight as they scored 957 and 948 points.

Now we will have one week break in FET. The final mappack will be published on Sunday, but before it the players can have a well-deserved holiday!


Server 1 VOD

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#1 by M1nuit on 2013-11-26 at 20:58 Modified 2013-11-26 at 20:58
(who vinked me to tell you that I overtook him with a lap in the race with my 20:51.03)

no such vinking occured
i bet you wormi will mention he beat me on island on his write up for mania actu u.u

I just drove poorly after lap 5
#2 by wormi on 2013-11-26 at 21:24
You sucked hard <3
#3 by Darkhawk on 2013-11-26 at 21:51
on desert it was a big fight with jake over the whole map you could say. He managed to get me right at the long right downhill turn after the start where i slided ^^ Tunga had too many crashes and lost his 6th to Minato/Girl.

ogog can't wait for the final :D

#4 by Minato on 2013-11-26 at 23:02 Modified 2013-11-26 at 23:03
If clem wouldn't have had a disconnect in round one on the snow map, we could have made it to the "grand" final as well... ^^
Now we have to win the little final it seems.
#5 by TnTYannovsky on 2013-11-26 at 23:06
Passi got powned by 0.05 on snow, Yannovsky likes it !
#6 by Lolita on 2013-11-27 at 12:44
Good report. The snow map on server 1 was pretty exciting indeed and the fight with Mizu and Anty I had in the last few laps was epic :) It was also fun to beat Minuit's ass with over one lap on island!

Ogog for the finals.

#7 by wormi on 2013-11-27 at 13:57
VOD added :)
#8 by M1nuit on 2013-11-28 at 17:02
fuck :bullying: D:

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